Four Winds School is a one-room schoolhouse located in Gill, MA. Use the tabs above to learn about our unique academic program, how to apply, and more. Four Winds welcomes students of any race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, or religion.

“The time Philippa spent at Four Winds has shaped her life. She learned how to learn, and she was affirmed and lifted up in her love of learning. Four Winds School fills a huge gap in the educational system.”

~Andrea La Sonde Anastos, mother of Philippa, graduate

Mission and Philosophy


The purpose of education is to prepare children to be constructive, innovative, and courageous members of their society. At Four Winds, we believe this is best achieved when children have:

  • A powerful trust in the value of their own curiosity and initiative.
  • A solid mastery of the basic skills of math, spelling, grammar, and written and spoken expression. 

As a result, each student’s needs and abilities determine the content and pace of the student’s work. We believe that all students are best able to make academic progress when they are allowed to work form their current achievement level and at their own pace.  Learn more about our innovative program here.

“Traditional school boxes people in. And guess what? People don’t grow in a box. Four Winds allows students to be who they are. And when you’re in junior high, that’s probably one of the most important things you need.”

~David Rainville, graduate