Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, we now replace Biweeklies 8 and 16 with two-week-long projects instead of regular Academic Work Time. Biweekly 8 is a group intersession project, decided on and executed by the whole school, and Biweekly 16 is dedicated to individual capstone projects. Read on to see the amazing final results!


Intersession: Character creation and dioramas

Students chose to study character development and dioramas for their group intersession project this year. They spent the first week of biweekly 8 studying character development and coming up with a plot for a story, and used the second week to create a diorama of one of the scenes from the story. Families were invited to view the final result on the last day!


Intersession: Reverse Hamlet by George Freek.

We were able to use this as an opportunity to talk about adaptations, genre, drama, and visual art among many other topics. Students performed our little production to a miniature audience of the teachers and the stage crew. The crew worked on painting the backdrop, crafting props, and researching and assembling costumes, while the actors worked on learning about their characters, interpreting Elizabethan English, memorizing lines, and learning how to convey emotion onstage. We all learned a lot about Hamlet and Shakespeare, as well as all the many extra bits and pieces that go into a theater production!

Capstone: Individual Projects, including:

  • cardboard models of The Titanic and a space shuttle
  • a short, hand-animated animated scene
  • a decay table poster
  • a model fox
  • marionettes and sewing projects
  • comic books, graphic novels, and an essay,
  • mechanical accessories for an RC car

After two weeks of hard work on their capstone projects, students had the opportunity to display them at our 2023 commencement ceremony. We are very proud and amazed by what they were able to accomplish in two weeks!