2021-2022 Covid Safety

Guidelines & Procedures

The Four Winds School Board‘s Covid Committee bases their decisions on the CDC guidelines. Since the CDC updates and changes their guidelines based on the current state of the virus, Four Winds School’s policies may  change throughout the school year to stay in accordance with their guidance. If you have any questions or concerns about the following guidelines, please contact the parent/board liaison before the next board meeting . She will relay your messages to the Covid Committee and get back to you with an answer after the meeting. (Note: This page will be updated as the Covid Committee updates our plans. Updates will be marked with bold and dated.)

Remote learning

Four Winds School (and the CDC) recognizes the importance of in-person learning. We are committing being in-person this school year, and only having to go remote again if mandated by the state or federal government (as in Spring of 2020).

Due to the extra workload and strain it placed on the teachers, remote or hybrid programs will NOT be offered to students who are home sick or absent for any reason.


Eligible students will be required to provide proof that they have received the covid vaccine in order to attend Four Winds School this year. Some students are still too young at this point in time, but their parents will be required to send proof of their vaccination once they reach the eligible age. 8/24/21 Update: All students and teachers will be required to receive a booster shot once eligible. 


All individuals must wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Masks will not be required outdoors at this time.

Hand washing

We will continue to practice frequent hand washing (upon entering the building, after eating, etc) and will continue to use disposable paper towels (instead of hand towels or washcloths).


We will continue to run our surgical-grade air filters in both classrooms, and open the windows when possible.

Covid Screening

8/24/21 Update: Four Winds School will require weekly covid screening this school year. Parents should see the email sent at the end of August for details and logistics. Thank you for understanding and for your help in keeping our community safe!