Where do Four Winds students go after they graduate? Anywhere they want to!

High School

Public Schools: Many of our students go back to their community’s high schools, and are eager for the challenges they will find there. Public schools that Four Winds graduates have attended include:

Private Schools: Other students opt for continuing their private school experience and have attended schools such as:

Others Options: Others still have chosen options such as:


We know that former Four Winds grads have gone on to become teachers, writers and authors, engineers, forestry technicians, and more! Unfortunately we tend to lose touch with graduates and their families after they enter the working world. If you are an alum (or the friend or parent of an alum) please contact us and let us know where life has taken you!

Alumni Stories

Lydia Helmstadter

Four Winds class of 2019

Lydia graduated from Four Winds School as an 8th grader in May 2019. She will be returning as a counselor-in-training for the 2019 Summer Writing and Art Camp and will go on to attend Bard Academy at Simon’s Rock in the fall! (Updated 6/5/19).

When you come to Four Winds, you don’t just come to a school. You come to a place where everyone is welcome, accepted, and loved for being themselves. The people that Four Winds has introduced me to have become some of my best friends. When you graduate Four Winds, that bond doesn’t lessen.

Sage Kampitsis

Four Winds class of 2014

Marlboro College of 2019

(Updated: 5/7/19)

I’m currently a senior at Marlboro College studying the Sociology of Education. My thesis project, in sum, is about the ways in which schools reinforce social reproduction through rewarding acts of dominant culture and punishing acts of nondominant culture. When not at Marlboro, I am living in Boston and working at The Steppingstone Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides programming for underserved students to support their preparation for college success. I have had a number of roles there, from working in admissions to homework tutoring, and I currently teach social-emotional classes and do one-on-one advising with students. Post-graduation, I will be moving to Austin, TX in hopes of earning a PhD in Cultural Studies in Education at UT Austin.

I have also become a more serious athlete since graduating from Four Winds. I intensified my figure skate training and now figure skate competitively. I also began running and am now an avid racer, competing in everything from road races to mountain races to OCRs (obstacle course races). On top of skating and racing, I recently added weightlifting to my athletic repertoire, and now lift daily. I also teach skating to youth during the winter, using a pedagogical lens of empowerment through body awareness and respect.

When I’m not working in education or training in athletics, I’m often traveling. During my time in college I’ve spent time in France, Italy, the Smoky Mountains, Canada, New Orleans, Austin, England, Spain, Andorra, and Portugal.

Lia Ashe-Simmer

Four Winds class of 2009

UMass Amherst class of 2018

(Updated: 5/7/19)

After Four Winds I went on to Northampton High School for two years before leaving to take classes at North Star and Greenfield Community College.  After GCC, I had a series of adventures, including but not limited to: a year at a small college in Indiana, stamping books at a library, 8 months teaching in Nicaragua, briefly au pairing in Spain, working at a YMCA summer camp, working at an after-school program, and being a PCA for a woman with dementia.  I eventually graduated from the University of Massachusetts in May 2018 with a degree in English and a specialization in creative writing. After gradation, I taught for a semester in the Chilean public schools, and then at a private school Ecuador for another four months. I will be starting a Master’s program in Secondary Education at UMass in the fall in order to become a high school English teacher.

“My experience at Four Winds heavily influenced my decision to pursue teaching as a career.  At Four Winds, I learned to see myself in a new way, as a learner and as a person. Before, I had always seen myself as “stupid” in certain areas, and Four Winds’ individualized approach put an end to that line of thinking!  I hope to do the same for my future students.” -Lia

Wes Mason

  • Four Winds: First graduating class! (Class of 2001)
  • High School: Northfield Mount Hermon, Class of 2005
  • University: UMass Amherst
    • Dual Bachelor’s Degrees: Classics and Political Science
  • Currently:
    • Living in Somerville, MA
    • Working as an IT Manager at edX, a non-profit MOOC (massive open online courses) platform that partners with colleges, universities, and businesses from around the world to make high quality education available for everyone, everywhere.

(Updated: 5/8/19)