The strengths of the one-room schoolhouse meet the challenges of the 21st century.
An independent middle school for students in grades 6 through 8.
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What made Four Winds different from other schools?2024-06-03T10:22:42-04:00

Four Winds truly offered an individualized education. Students worked at their own level of achievement in all subjects, receiving individual help from teachers, and making progress daily. Working at their own pace and their own level meant that students were challenged every day. Students at Four Winds quickly gained academic confidence, knowing that they could meet these daily challenges and that they would never be behind or lost.

Four Winds was a safe, nurturing environment where students would never feel like they were failing. At the same time Four Winds offered challenging academics. Most importantly, Four Winds students learned how to learn. They gained confidence and began to enjoy learning. With these skills, they were able to get the most out of any high school or college they attended in the future.

What was Four Wind’s daily schedule?2024-06-03T10:21:40-04:00

The academic day began at 8:30, pick-up was at 3:30. Please see the Our Program page for more detail, or email us at with specific questions.


What did the students do for physical activity?2024-06-03T10:21:31-04:00

We placed a high value on both work and play. For that reason, our daily lunch break was an hour long. During that time, many students chose to take advantage of the school’s field, kickball field, swings, four square court, and half-basketball court. The school had a collection of outdoors toys on hand for everyone’s use. Students were also welcome to bring their own school appropriate, outdoor equipment for break time. Students had also maintained their ties to their community by participating in local sports teams. At Four Winds, we recognized the importance of such activities and were flexible in allowing students time to make such commitments.

What was the school like socially?2024-06-03T10:20:47-04:00

Our small size allowed students to get to know each other and themselves in a way that is especially valuable for their age. After just a few months of the school year, our small, tight-knit community often took on a family dynamic. Additionally, the flexibility of our program allowed us to address social issues as they arose, something which is not generally possible at larger middle school but is invaluable for adolescent development.

How many students went to Four Winds?2024-06-03T10:20:23-04:00

Our two-room historical building had a capacity of 14 students.

Who were the teachers and staff?2024-06-03T10:20:10-04:00
Did Four Winds assign homework?2024-06-03T10:20:01-04:00

Four Winds School did not believe in assigning homework for students. In fact, there are many studies that suggest that “there is no evidence to demonstrate that homework benefits students below high school age.” We prefered students use their after-school time to spend time with their families, participate in extra curricular activities, or relax!

The only times that students brought home schoolwork is if they did not finish their biweekly work during the appointed time (due to poor time management), or if they chose to do so to get ahead or stay on top of their biweeklies. We did not have students make up work that they missed due to sickness or snow days.

Where did Four Winds students go after they graduated?2024-06-03T10:25:13-04:00

Anywhere they wanted to! Students called upon their Four Winds experience and empowerment not just in high school, but throughout their lives. Click here for more information and examples.

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Why choose a private middle school?2021-07-30T18:36:41-04:00

Many educators recognize the middle school years as the pivotal point of a child’s educational career. In the transition from elementary school to high school, many children lose the openness and willingness to engage that characterizes the earlier years of their education. Finding a middle school setting that genuinely engages your child and actively builds on their sense of academic accomplishment significantly improves the likelihood of success for your child in high school and beyond.


Where were you located?2024-06-03T10:18:21-04:00

Four Winds School was located at 54 French King Highway in Gill, MA. We rented two classrooms in the Riverside Municipal Building (the former Gill Elementary School) which is on Rt. 2 near the Wagon Wheel Restaurant. We shared the building with Gill’s Historical Commission and Water Department. Click here to take a virtual tour of Four Winds School! 

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