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The Columbus Day mock trial went extremely well! On Monday the students worked in small groups to prepare their parts as defendants, witnesses and lawyers, and on Tuesday afternoon we transformed the classroom into a court room for our proceedings. Afterwards, the students switched to the role of jurors for the deliberation process. Who did they decide was to blame for the enslavement and genocide of the Taino people? The students have voted and the results are in: Christopher Columbus himself was held to be 37{3859204a1c7f8ffdf0441f168be92853d675e451cf3a8782d662d7a45b05b473} responsible, the System of Empire almost exactly tied with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain at about 23-24{3859204a1c7f8ffdf0441f168be92853d675e451cf3a8782d662d7a45b05b473} responsibility each, Columbus’s men came in at 15{3859204a1c7f8ffdf0441f168be92853d675e451cf3a8782d662d7a45b05b473}, and the last one percent of blame belonged to the Spaniards themselves.

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In science students found the exact time of midday at school (12:53pm) by finding the shortest shadow of a stick and used that to calculate our longitude. We finished our short music unit and are ready for next week’s field trip to UMass Multibands. We didn’t have much in the way of project time this week due to our altered schedule, but the students still found time to work on their play, Franny the Pumpkin, during lunch and recess time.

Upcoming Dates
We’ve made it half way through the weirdo biweekly! Next week we have:

Open Houses are our multi-purpose community events. They are an opportunity for:

  • current students to hang out with each other after school hours
  • parents to mingle with each other and check-in with the teachers
  • alumni and their families to come back and visit
  • prospective students and their families to visit the school, meet the teachers, and learn about our program.
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