School News

This week was our first week with two humanities classes all school year! (In normal times, we have two humanities and two science classes every week). The added class will let us delve more deeply into the important topics of World War II and the Holocaust. This week students will finish their 20th Century Wars essays if they haven’t already, and should be halfway through reading Lowis Lowry’s Number the Stars. In mathtivity yesterday students did and activity called Parable of the Polygons, which teaches about personal bias and today in science, students will continue their study of magnets.
We’ve been having a blast on in-person Fridays! Last week we conducted an experiment involving a log and some ice, had fun watching Soul, and started making pet rocks. Tomorrow students should bring nut-free lunches and snacks, their computers and anything they need to finish Biweekly 11 (textbooks, etc.), anything they want to “show and tell” (optional), and appropriate shoes and clothing for our walk to Unity Park.

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