School News

This week in humanities class students presented their group projects on social justice issues and in our last essays class, students peer edited their research papers (the final draft of which is due tomorrow). In Mathtivity, students learned about different group roles and how to work as a team, and in science, students continued their study of simple machines. Tomorrow students will finish Biweekly 7 and write their self evaluations.
Next week in humanities we’ll be doing a special current events/civics lesson about everything that took place yesterday, and students will finish reading Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood. Next week we’ll also start our six-week Health unit with Brian Melanson from Whole Children/Milestones. They’ll tackle issues about online etiquette, bullying, and mental health and self care during a pandemic before moving on to puberty and other sex ed. topics.

Looking Ahead

  • 1/18 MLK Day: No School
  • 1/20 Inauguration: We’ll watch a live stream of the inauguration ceremony together during school.
  • 1/21 Student Services Zoom Meeting
  • 2/15-2/19 February Break
  • 2/28 New Flu Shot Deadline

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