School News

This week we had a great start to our first biweekly of the school year! During academic work time, students got used to their math textbooks, learned their way around our new vocabulary and daily practice systems, started their first essay assignment of the school year (Creative Writing 1: Introduce Yourself), made progress in their Latin studies, and started the first assigned book of the year, The Magician’s Nephew. Additionally, students were able to meet our two awesome substitute teachers, Larkin and Courtney.
Group classes are also off to a great start. In Science, students solved puzzles to learn about the scientific process, and did a fun activity to learn about Darwin’s finches. Next Week we’ll study evolution. In Humanities class we worked together to make two timelines of two different scales: one of the last 14 billion years, and one of the last 13,000. Next week we’ll be studying creation myths and the week following we’ll start human evolution. In Mathtivity this morning students worked in pairs to practice different ways of thinking about multiplication, and in Skills Workshop students are currently discussing respect, consent and boundaries. We’ll have one or two more “beginning of the year” type Skills Workshops before moving on to our focus of the fall: Implicit Bias.

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