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Students have been doing a great job of staying motivated and staying on top of their work, and earned a total of 128 beans this week! The jar is getting more and more full every week, bringing us that much closer to our virtual party!
47 of the beans earned were for projects and creative writing. Some examples include a cooperative story that several students and Becca are taking turns writing together, as well as other projects at home such as baking or gardening.
78 beans earned were for completing academic assignments. In addition to the math, Latin, reading, and writing that students are working on at home, they also participate in weekly Humanities, Science, Skills Workshop and Mathtivity classes.
This week in humanities and skills workshop, students learned about the history of slavery throughout the world, as well as modern-day slavery and ways to help prevent it. In science, students explored and a plant growth simulator and answered questions about their findings. The optional baking activity was gingerbread houses, and Friday’s mathtivity was about the Fibonacci Sequence. Next week in humanities students will learn about the history of suffrage in America, and in skills workshop they can learn about voter suppression issues in modern times.

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