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We’ve made it through our first week of distance learning! Using online tools such as Quizlet and BrainPop, students were able to work on geography, math, English, and Latin from their own homes. We were even able to continue our morning ritual of reading a poem and doing creative writing together thanks to Google Classroom. Classroom will also facilitate the addition of our Humanities, Mathtivty, and Science classroom back into our curriculum this coming week. In this rapidly evolving environment of virtual education, we thought it would be helpful to share a list of online resources for teachers, parents, and students alike.

Online Resources

Libraries (e-books, audiobooks, and more) :

Science and Math (lessons, activities, and more): 

General Education and Enrichment: 

  • BrainPop – includes lessons in Science, Math, English, Arts and Music, and more. Because of the current school closures, they are offering free subscriptions!
  • Virtual Museum Tours – these 12 Museums offer free, virtual tours!
  • The Cult of Pedagogy, a blog by educator Jennifer Gonzalez, posted a very helpful list as well!

COVID19 Education (and Anxiety Management): 

Upcoming Dates and Events

Therefore, the following events have been cancelled: 
  • Field Trip: Tsongas Industrial History Center (3/27)
  • Field Trip: Pioneer Valley Symphony Educational Concert (4/2)
  • Field Trip: Walden Pond (4/10)
  • Event: Open House (4/16)
For now, the following events are still “TBD:” 
  • Event: Reopening (4/27 at the earliest)
  • Visiting Guest: Junior Achievement (5/1)
  • Field Trip: Community Service (5/15)
  • Field Trip: Springfield Armory (5/26)
  • Field Trip: Sturbridge Village (5/27)
  • Event: Graduation Prep & Swimming (5/28)
  • Event: Graduation & Party (5/29)
  • Event: Moving/Cleaning Party (5/30)

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