School News
Most students will be finishing Joseph Bruchac’s Winter People by the end of next biweekly. In humanities class we finished Chapter 1 of The Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick. In science students are continuing to study Eloise’s land form/watershed model and should still be working on their moon journals at home at night (we know, it’s been so cloudy!).

Health Class with Brian

In health last week students finished discussing gender stereotypes and biases with Whole Children‘s wonderful teacher, Brian Melanson. Tomorrow we start everyone’s favorite topic: Puberty! 
Upcoming Dates
Winter “field trip” days
Due to possible cancellations or poor driving conditions, it becomes difficult to schedule our field trips every other Friday in the winter. Therefore for the winter months we watch videos relating to our curriculum on the first Friday of every biweekly. Some movies we’re going to watch this winter include “American Experience” – We Shall Remain: After The Mayflower and a few episodes of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s CosmosOur regular Friday field trips will resume in the spring!
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