School News 
In Science on Wednesday students had a great time making “sedimentary rocks” using crayon shavings, and on Thursday they walked down to the Connecticut River to test oxygen and pH levels. Our field on Friday was to the Great Falls Discovery Center to study their model of the Connecticut River and work on thinking up comparative, testable questions. You can view photos of the trip in our Facebook album.
Students have finished reading their first assigned book, Morning Girl, a historical fiction about two Taino children before the arrival of Columbus, and many have started writing their compare and contrast essays about the book. Next week in Humanities class students will do small group presentations about pre-Columbian America.

Group Picture at the Great Falls Discovery Center

Upcoming Dates
Next biweekly (Monday, October 8th – Friday, October 19th) is going to be our weirdest biweekly ever!
  • Monday, October 8th (Columbus Day): we have school as we do not observe Columbus Day. We’ll do a mock trial about Columbus and European Colonialism in Humanities class on Monday and Tuesday, which will probably run into/through project time on one or both days.
  • Wednesday, October 17th: Half Day Send your student with snack but no lunch as pick up is at 12:30pm. Let us know if you would like to schedule a parent/teacher conference with us that afternoon.
  • Friday, October 19th: Field trip to Multibands Pops Concert at UMass Amherst. Send students with snacks and a lunch that doesn’t need a refrigerator, microwave or toaster oven. If you live in Amherst and would like to meet us there for drop off and pick up, please let us know.

There will also be several changes to our daily schedule at school for many days during the “weirdo biweekly,” including short outdoor science classes before lunch to do an experiment about the sun, and short music classes after lunch to prepare for our music field trip. I have attached a schedule detailing the changes which you may find helpful to review with your child ahead of time. Of course we will go over the changes with them at school this coming week as well.

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