Earn a full scholarship to Four Winds School!

1. Create a project that shows, explains, or expresses why you want to come to Four Winds School. The project should explain what about our program would help you thrive as a student, as well as what you will bring to the Four Winds community.  Possible project submissions include: 

  • Written piece (such as an essay, letter, poem, or other creative writing piece) responding to the above prompt.
  • Art project (such as a comic strip, painting, or collage). If necessary, include a written, video, or recorded explanation of how it responds to the prompt.
  • Video of the child responding to the prompt, verbally or otherwise, or another video project that responds to the above prompt.
  • Performance art piece (such as a song or dance).If necessary, include a written, video, or recorded explanation of how it responds to the prompt.
  • Other project: if you have another idea, great! Go for it!

This project is an opportunity to let your true personality shine! Parents can help facilitate the project (by proofreading the essay, helping film the video, etc.), but the ideas, content, and spirit should be from you. Have fun! 

2. Send your project submission to us at fourwindsteachers@gmail.com. Feel free to contact us with any questions along the way. We look forward to reading your response!

3. Apply: In addition to winning the essay contest, essay scholarship applicants must be accepted to Four Winds School. Therefore, scholarship applicants must complete our regular application process:

    1. Submit parent and student application forms found on the “apply” page of our website
    2. Meet with the lead teachers so we can learn more about you, and you and your parents can learn more about the school. Meeting over Zoom will be sufficient until meeting in person becomes safe again!)
    3. Visit the school during our recruitment week during the summer (dates to be determined once it is safe to meet again). If it isn’t safe to meet until the school year starts again, you can come for a provisional first week to make sure it’s a good fit for you and for us.

All scholarship and essay materials due by August 1st, 2020.

Decision-Making Process

  1. After the deadline, the director of studies will compile and organize the project submissions for submission to the board of trustees.
  2. The board of trustees will rank the projects based on their response to the prompt. In years when there are enough funds to do so, the board may also elect to award partial scholarships (up to $8000) to runners-up.
  3. The director will then notify the winner(s) of their scholarship after the next board meeting.