School News

In science students are continuing their study of water testing by designing and carrying out their own experiments at the Connecticut River. In humanities students worked in groups to do short presentations about pre-Columbian America, pictures of which will be posted on Facebook next week. Students finished their papers on Morning Girl by Michael Dorris and many of them are feeling very proud of their work!

Group presentations about pre-Columbian America.

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday 10/17 will be a half day, so send your student with snack but no lunch and pick them up at 12:30. The teachers will be doing some professional development right after school (since no one signed up for parent/teacher conferences) so please retrieve your student promptly.

UMass Multibands Field Trip will be next Friday 10/19. It will be very fun but very loud, so some students may wish to bring noise-cancelling headphones.

Looking further ahead, we will have our First Open House on November 13th at 6pm. Check out our Facebook event for more details. This is a great opportunity to check out our school!

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