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The interior renovation project is well underway. The walls of the main classroom have a beautiful coat of fresh paint, and re-carpeting is scheduled to start on July 6th. Once this is complete, we will begin reassembling the school (in an all-new layout! More on that later).


Graduation & Other Summer Plans: Earlier this year we discussed a five-day summer session, in which we would have a reunion party, stage a visiting day and host an open house for prospective families, and have our graduation ceremony. For several reasons, this plan is no longer feasible: COVID-19 is still a threat and gathering in groups is still unsafe, the interior renovation is taking longer than expected so there is still no usable space, and there is not going to be a “normal” school day for prospective students to observe for quite some time (again, more on that later).

The teachers have given graduation and reunion plans a lot of thought, and came up with three graduation and summer reunion ideas that we’ve run by our families. Once a consensus is reached, we will publish our plans!

PLANS FOR THE FALL can be found on this new page on our website. Please note that these plans, which cover September through November, are still under development and are subject to change. Once we reach the end of that period we will reevaluate based on the current recommendations by DESE and the CDC and make a plan for the winter.

Scholarship Opportunity for new 8th grade students: Interested 8th graders (who are not currently Four Winds Students) should check out this web page explaining the process with their families for more information!

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