At Four Winds School the teachers are preparing for what will hopefully be a back-to-normal school year. We’re looking forward to returning to our regular routine and to spending more time with our community again. Our interior has also been freshly repainted (thanks to Mark Barry) and recarpeted (thanks to Mike Quinn from Kidder Flooring) this summer, so we will be able to welcome students back to a cozy new classroom set up. 

Reminder to families: we’re having a move-everything-back party this Saturday, August 7th! 

This year our program will include studying ancient civilizations in Humanities class and biology, anatomy, and psychology in Science class, in addition to our usual math, English, and Latin curricula, our weekly life skills class and our winter health class. We are always looking for experts to come and share their knowledge with our students on our special-visitor Fridays, so feel free to contact us if that is something you would be interested in!

We can’t wait to start school in less than one month! 🙂

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