Online tools and resources

You may use the following tools and resources while at school without asking a teacher first. 

You may need to use the school’s email and password to log into some of these sites. Check the yellow piece of paper on the board or ask a teacher if you need help.








Research Databases

Gale Pages Encyclopedia

Citation Help

Online Quizzes and Practices

Latin Grammar

Quizlet: Vocab

Quizlet: Vocab

Quizlet: Multiplication Facts

Jet Punk: Geography Quizzes


Use the school’s login info or your own library card. Remember to write down the timestamp when you stop so that you can find your spot again easily.

Click to access the Four Winds group playlist!

Other Resources

Click to learn all about citation and plagiarism!

Online tools for Art/Project time



Sound Inspiration Podcast: Endless Beautiful

Humanities Resources by year 

Gale Pages Encyclopedia:

Native Americans:

Ancient Civilizations:

Health Resources

Anonymous questions – click here to anonymously ask the teachers a question and receive a response

Website and Articles

Great for 5th-8th graders:

For 8th graders or older (you are allowed to read these, but you may get icked out!)

Science Resources

GalePages Encyclopedia: Science

Latin Resources 


Tests and Quizzes for Friday Free Time

You may use the following online quizzes and games, in addition to any of the tools and resources listed above, after you have finished all of your work on the last Friday of the biweekly.

If you would like more educational/creative links added to this section, ask a teacher. We will check out the website and consider adding it to this page.

Remember: NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION ONLINE. If you ever feel unsure about a website, please ask us for help!

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