The strengths of the one-room schoolhouse meet the challenges of the 21st century.
An independent middle school for students in grades 5 through 8.
26 12, 2018

Does Four Winds assign homework?


Four Winds School does not believe in assigning homework for students. In fact, there are many studies that suggest that “there is no evidence to demonstrate that homework benefits students below high school age.” We would prefer students use their after-school time to spend time with their families, participate in extra curricular activities, or relax!

The only times that students bring home schoolwork is if they did not finish their biweekly work during the appointed time (due to poor time management), …

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26 12, 2018

What is the school like socially?


Our small size allows students to get to know each other and themselves in a way that is especially valuable for their age. After just a few months of the school year, our small, tight-knit community often takes on a family dynamic. Additionally, the flexibility of our program allows us to address social issues as they arise, something which is not generally possible at larger middle school but is invaluable for adolescent development.

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26 12, 2018

What do the students do for physical activity?


We place a high value on both work and play. For that reason, our daily lunch break is an hour long. During that time, many students choose to take advantage of the school’s field, kickball field, swings, four square court, and half-basketball court. The school has a collection of outdoors toys on hand for everyone’s use. Students are also welcome to bring their own school appropriate, outdoor equipment for break time. Students have also maintained their ties to their community …

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26 12, 2018

What makes Four Winds different from other schools?


Four Winds truly offers an individualized education. Students work at their own level of achievement in all subjects, receiving individual help from teachers, and making progress daily. Working at their own pace and their own level means that students are challenged every day. Students at Four Winds quickly gain academic confidence, knowing that they can meet these daily challenges and that they will never be behind or lost.

Four Winds is a safe, nurturing environment where students will never feel like …

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