Many students’ IEP/504s are no longer relevant once they transfer to Four Winds School. For example, if their IEP says they need more time on tests, it doesn’t matter at Four Winds because we don’t administer tests. Likewise, if their 504 says that a student should be seated near the teacher, that automatically happens when we have a 4:1 student/teacher ratio. Additionally, our small, learn-at-your-own-pace environment organically meets the needs of students who may have struggled in a larger setting.

That said, if we can’t meet a student’s needs at Four Winds, your home district is legally required to continue doing so! (You can learn more about this here and here.) We’re very flexible and are happy to work around district-provided services. For example, it would be fine for a student to come late one or two mornings per week after receiving their services at the public school.