Choosing to switch to at-home learning was a hard decision to make knowing that parents will suddenly have to become teachers and full-time caregivers, and that students will not only be separated from their friends, but will also have to become even more independent learners than they already are. Though the decision was certainly a stressor on our small community, it is clearly the right move for our local and global community as a whole. Hopefully this choice, and the choice of the many schools in our state and country, will help to  “flatten the curve” of COVID-19. In time, we hope to return to our normal routine, but for now we have to focus on adjusting to our “new normal.”

Distance Learning Plans

Google Classroom – Students will be submitting all of their work (Latin, Math, Essays, Creative Writing, English, Geography, etc.) through Google Classroom.

BrainPop – Students will complete Geography and English lessons using BrainPop.

The “New Normal” Work Day: Every day (starting on Monday, March 16th), students should:

  • read the poem (posted daily in Google Classroom)
  • do 15 minutes of creative writing (in Google Docs/Classroom)
  • do their Latin practice (on Quizlet)
  • complete a Geography lesson (on BrainPop)

This week they should also work on: 

  • Latin -Use the textbook, then submit answers through Google Classroom.
  • Math -Use the textbook, then submit answers through Google Classroom.
  • Reading -After finishing Behind Rebel Lines, students should read Bull Run and then Up From Slavery
  • Essay  The Essay Assignment Checklist can be found under “classwork” in the “Essays” Class

Hattie, Courtney, Alethea and Becca will be postponing our Science, Skills Workshop, Mathtivity, and Humanities lessons until next week. Students should start doing work for those classes starting on Monday, March 23rd. 

Office Hours, Availability, and Responsibilities – Hattie, Alethea and Becca will be holding office hours every day of the week in both the morning and evening.

Corrections – At the end of each students’ academic day, students should send us an email the teachers to let us know what assignments are completed and in need of correcting. We will do our best to get the assignments back to them before their next academic work time, and will notify students on their school assigned GMail accounts when work has been corrected. 

Academic Integrity and Student Accountability- This is an opportunity for you to hold yourself to the high standards we know you’re able to achieve. Good luck, and we’re here to support you.

Personal Weekly Update Emails – Hattie and Becca will be keeping track of what students do each day and then sending out a progress report at the end of each week.

Upcoming Dates and Events

Board Meeting – Tuesday, March 17th at 4pm

The Board will be meeting (virtually) on Tuesday at 4pm. At the meeting we will discuss further plans for returning to face-to-face learning, but the current plan is to evaluate again in two weeks. Any questions or feedback about this matter should be directed to the board. 

Parent Teacher Conferences – CANCELLED

This decision did not come lightly, but most of what we had to talk about in regard to the students had to do with academic performance or behavior at school. For the moment, these things no longer apply. Also, the conferences would have taken place during Hattie’s office hours, which seemed complicated to work around. 

We will be happy to make individual video calls with parents during these two weeks. Just send us an email or Hangouts message and we’ll find a time that works for everyone’s schedules. We’ll also be happy to schedule a time to talk on the phone as well. 

Lowell Field Trip – CANCELLED

Since our second Lowell field trip of the year would have been on Friday, March 27th, which is part of our (minimum of) two week closure window, we had to cancel the trip. The folks at Lowell are very flexible and not only refunded us, but may be able to reschedule should we reopen and it seems safe to do so.

Educational Concert – CANCELLED

The Pioneer Valley Symphony has cancelled all of their concerts and events for the rest of this season, including April 2nd’s Education Concert at Greenfield High School. 

Walden Pond, Junior Achievement, and Sturbridge Village – TBD 

We’ve received emails from the administration at Walden Pond, Junior Achievement, and Sturbridge Village saying that they may cancel future events. We will have to see how things shape up (if and when we reopen, if it seems safe to travel and be in crowds, etc.) before knowing how to proceed

Open House, and other events for the rest of the year- TBD

Like with our field trips, we will have to see how things shape up (if and when we reopen, etc.) before deciding how to proceed. 

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