100 Miles

100 Miles.
You feel it is easy to cross them.
The things you feel are easy,
is for the fact that they were made easy.
Made easy for you.
Made easy for only you.
You shall only feel what they let you.
The adults around you, the people before you,
their goal was,
and still is,
to make it easy for you.
To make it so you never know true hunger,
true homelessness,
true need.
They protect you and pamper you,
they give you cars,
first toy,
then real.
They give you school,
first none,
then all,
and back to none again.
They give you comfort and care.
They protect you,
keep you from knowing the hurting,
the harm,
the pain.
What is going on you learn as an adult.
You never know true need.
You ride in a car or on a bus
a train or a plane.
But you just try to walk 100 miles.
Cross the country.
Move on foot,
no other way.
Take little money,
and only two sets of clothes.
Take only what you can carry
in books
and food.
No screens.
No help.
No constant sleep
or meals.
This is what your missing.
This is what you're being hidden from.
This is what you can help.
This is what many people feel.
Know this.
Embrace this.
Feel this.
The others who experience this,
they can't go home.
They can't go back to a comftrable bed,
a nice meal.
They never have.
They probably never will.
And you can't imagin what it feels like.
Even if you walk a hundred miles.

By Tevah, grade 5