Mission and Philosophy


The purpose of education is to prepare children to be constructive, innovative, and courageous members of their society.

At Four Winds, we believe this is best achieved when children have:

    * A powerful trust in the value of their own curiosity and initiative.

    * A solid mastery of the basic skills of math, spelling, grammar, and written and spoken expression.

As a result, at Four Winds School, each student's needs and abilities determine the content and pace of the student's work.

Four Winds School welcomes boys and girls of any race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. The school does not discriminate in any of its policies or practices of admissions, hiring, or induction to its board.

Why Four Winds is Special

Livi with Squid

Throughout human history education has been the process by which we prepare children to participate in the adult world. In this century, however, schools have become an increasingly isolated and isolating part of our society, one in which children under 18 are removed from substantive exposure to and meaningful involvement in the adult world.

The program at Four Winds teaches first that learning is communal - the passing on of knowledge and experience from one generation to the next. Four Winds removes education from the narrow norm of teacher-text-classroom, and creates a framework with extraordinarily powerful and fruitful expectations--that the world itself is a classroom, one full of information, full of knowledgeable, skilled, and interesting people who are willing to share their experience.

Interest Studies give students increasing involvement and experience in their communities allowing them to see ways in which they can take meaningful roles in their community as adults.

Four Winds' program of Interest Studies also teaches that the most appropriate, most productive learning originates from within the students themselves - from their own curiosity. In Interest Studies, students learn that their own questions are valid, and that it is possible for them to uncover information and formulate answers.

Through this process, students discover that their original inquiry spawns further questions. By allowing students to pursue inquiries vital to them, the program of Four Winds provides the opportunity for students to find a purposeful application for the basic skills, such as language and math, which they have labored to develop. When math and writing can be recognized by the student as serving a greater interest, those skills become not easier, but worthy of the effort. This is the process of learning in its truest and most dynamic form.


The resourcefulness the students develop and the confidence they build in being able to discover answers for themselves are qualities that will serve them all their lives. The most productive and innovative people in history are not those who tested well but those who trusted the integrity of their curiosity and had the initiative to pursue answers.

By the end of the school year, each student will have completed an array of Interest Studies. The collection of these inquiries provides your child with an extraordinarily powerful record of academic achievement.

Four Winds School