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Four Winds aims to keep tuition low so that local families can afford a Four Winds education. Still, we know there are many families that cannot afford to pay the whole tuition. Your donation will help to create a place at the school for those students, while allowing us to purchase books and supplies, and to cover daily operating expenses.

A donation of any amount will make a real difference to our students. $25 buys a text book or replaces broken science equipment--thermometers, microscope slides, glassware. We always need art supplies, as well. $100 buys a class set of novels. $150 covers the cost of an average field trip. Large donations will help us offer financial aid to families that need it.

Your support can provide the opportunity for a student to be challenged for the first time at school. It can help a student work at a level and pace that makes that child feel competent for the first time. It can allow a student to go to a school where they feel happy and safe.

Four Winds is a non-profit, and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you!


Four Winds School

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